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Learn React by building a web app — Week 4

It's been a busy few weeks for me, at work and at home, so no real progress has been made on the Coinsly app. I did, however, manage to do a bit of reading, and watch a course, on various React related subjects.

What have I been reading?

Here is a quick breakdown of what I have been reading by category.



I'm interested in learning different patterns which can be put to use in React. I was particularly interested in learning more about render props.


Trying to get an idea of best practices and how best to manage application state, it seems like every blog post I read on this subject has a warning to not add Redux to your project too early. I'd like to find out about other ways to manage state early on in a project.


I know I've written a paragraph above about finding out other ways to manage state, but I still wanted to do a bit of reading up on Redux just so I have a good idea of what it is, how it is useful, and at what point (if any) it is recommended to start adding it to a project.

Context API

The newly updated context API in React seems to be a pretty popular topic in the dev community right now, I wanted to read up on it to find out more and to see if it was something I could use in the Coinsly app.


Another topic I don't know much about. I've always been quite strict on how I write CSS so I very rarely have issues with specificity or “leaking” styles. I'd like to know what other benefits it brings to the table.

What have I been watching?

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