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Learn React by building a web app — Week 7

It has been a busy two weeks of reading, listening to podcasts, and watching talks online. I did manage to make a few updates and bug fixes to Coinsly which I've listed below.


I had some time whilst travelling to London recently which gave me time to catch up on a few podcasts I've wanted to listen to.


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Changes to the Coinsly app

A very quick run-through of the changes I've made.

  • Updated package dependencies to latest versions.
  • Fixed firestore warning by passing a timestampsInSnapshots: true setting.
  • After first signing in an error was being thrown because the filters prop in the Filters component is null when created. To fix this I provided a default value of an empty array.
  • Fixed issue with totals component where NaN was being displayed on initial load because the default values in state are set to 0 which causes a divide by zero exception when working out the percentages.
  • Refactored coinHelper to use a new filter method, and to prevent multiple copies of objects being made.

You can check out the code on the GitHub repo, or view and run it in the CodeSandox window below.

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